Emergency Care

Emergency Care

At Laguna Pavilion Dental, we know that dental emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. We offer after-hours and same-day emergency dental care for when you can’t wait until the next day or even the next appointment to be seen.

Dentist Emergency

A dental emergency can range from a chipped tooth to an excruciating toothache. Even if you keep up with your regular dental exams and cleanings, emergencies can happen to your smile. At Laguna Pavilion Dental, we accommodate patients who have oral health problems that can’t wait to be seen.

By checking with our practice first before waiting until the problem worsens or heading to the emergency room, you can get your pain, swelling, or bleeding under control and get the issue resolved as soon as possible with our oral care professionals!

What Exactly Is a Dental Emergency?

While some people have oral health problems they feel can wait until the next day or the next appointment to be seen, others may have an issue that requires immediate treatment. A dental emergency may not mean the same thing from patient to patient, but a few examples of dental emergencies include:

  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A cracked or chipped tooth
  • A potentially broken jaw
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Intense pain or discomfort
  • Swelling in your oral cavity
  • Complications after a dental procedure

It’s always in your best interest to call our practice before deciding to go to the emergency room. Not only will you have to wait at the emergency room, but you also won’t receive the expert dental care that you need to completely resolve your issue.

What to Do If You Feel You Need Emergency Dental Care

Never wait to seek help for your smile if you feel you need professional attention as soon as possible. If you have a dental emergency, your first step is to call our practice as soon as you’re able. Our knowledgeable and friendly receptionists can inquire about your symptoms and let you know if you need to come in as soon as possible.

If you have a knocked-out tooth or a broken tooth, or even a lost dental restoration, our staff can let you know what your next steps should be based on your condition. If possible, you should always try to bring any tooth fragments in with you to your appointment in milk, water, or saliva.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us!

Putting off a dental emergency can not only lead to more pain or other complications, but could even be life-threatening. Call us today at (916) 520-4270 and let us know how we can assist you with your dental issue and get you seen as soon as possible!

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