The Most Important Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Teeth and Gums

vitamins teeth and gums

You know that brushing and flossing help keep your smile healthy and cavity-free, but what about your diet? Your teeth and gums utilize the vitamins and minerals you consume to stay strong and healthy, so eating a healthy diet can be just as important as oral care when it comes to your teeth and gums. […]

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How Is Tooth Resorption Treated?

tooth resorption

Tooth resorption is when the inner or outer layers of your tooth begin to deteriorate, causing your body to absorb the damaged tissue. The tooth can then become weakened and can be more susceptible to cavities or tooth injuries that could lead to an extraction. A tooth injury such as a fracture or deep decay […]

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How Has Root Canal Therapy Advanced Over the Years?

root canal

Root canal therapy has changed significantly since its inception. People have been performing root canals for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The tools and techniques dentists use today to save your natural tooth are much different than those used even just a couple decades ago. Today, getting a root canal is similar to getting […]

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Don’t Let Avoiding the Dentist Cause Irreversible Harm to Your Smile

general dentistry

Your dentist isn’t just there to treat you when you have a problem with your smile. In fact, dentists play an integral role in preventative care for your teeth and gums alongside your daily brushing and flossing. Without seeing a dentist regularly, you increase your risk for oral health issues, especially tooth decay and gum […]

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Is There a Right Way to Brush Your Teeth?

brush teeth

When brushing your teeth, you may think that it doesn’t matter how well you brush as long as you’re brushing. However, it’s important to brush your teeth correctly—and yes, there is a right way to brush your teeth! Brushing your teeth correctly can reduce the chances that you’d harm your tooth enamel and your gum […]

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Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Smile Healthy on the Go

smile on the go

When life gets in the way, you may not have as much time to freshen up your smile as you would like. You may even forget to clean your teeth before you leave the house some days! When you need to keep your smile healthy while you’re out and about, you have a few convenient […]

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How Does Plaque Cause Gum Disease and Decay?

gum disease

Plaque is that clear, sticky substance that you can usually feel on your teeth after a long day. It may make teeth feel fuzzy or textured as opposed to smooth and polished. Plaque isn’t just bacteria—it can include food particles and mucus as well [1]. Needless to say, having plaque accumulate on your teeth isn’t […]

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How to Develop an Oral Care Routine With Your Child

children dentistry

Keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy are essential to their development. As your child gets older and begins to develop habits and routines of their own, taking care of their oral health should be among them! How can you start developing an oral care routine with your child now to set them up for […]

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