How Is Tooth Resorption Treated?

tooth resorption

Tooth resorption is when the inner or outer layers of your tooth begin to deteriorate, causing your body to absorb the damaged tissue. The tooth can then become weakened and can be more susceptible to cavities or tooth injuries that could lead to an extraction. A tooth injury such as a fracture or deep decay […]

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Don’t Let Avoiding the Dentist Cause Irreversible Harm to Your Smile

general dentistry

Your dentist isn’t just there to treat you when you have a problem with your smile. In fact, dentists play an integral role in preventative care for your teeth and gums alongside your daily brushing and flossing. Without seeing a dentist regularly, you increase your risk for oral health issues, especially tooth decay and gum […]

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Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Smile Healthy on the Go

smile on the go

When life gets in the way, you may not have as much time to freshen up your smile as you would like. You may even forget to clean your teeth before you leave the house some days! When you need to keep your smile healthy while you’re out and about, you have a few convenient […]

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Dental Anxiety? Sedation Dentistry Could Be Right for You

dental anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety and dental phobia, you are not alone. Millions of people feel anxiety, fear, and dread when they think about going to the dentist or need to make a dental appointment. Fortunately, there’s a better way to get the oral care you need without white- knuckling your way through your […]

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